"Keeper" sketch cards

After several years of collecting sketches--amassing over 2,000 of them--I decided to call it quits. The reasons are many, but the biggest contributing factors were just too many poor interactions with artists. That break from sketchcards lasted about 5-years, and I got pulled back in. Sketches for Rhino, Firestar, and Lando are on their respective pages.

Update: As of 2023 my collection is in limbo. I am about done with collecting cards. Again! Many sketch cards have already been moved over to the Marvel or miscellaneous pages, and others will move to their respective pages as time allows.

Personal sketch cards

7 Deadly Scenes (Braiiinz Publishing 2021)

Babes of the Dead (5finity 2014)

Car Wash Craziness: Nude Edition (5finity 2019)

The Deep (Viceroy 2013)

Female Persuasion (5finity 2010)

Halloween 4: Ladies Night (Perna Studios 2021)

Iron Man 2 (Upper Deck 2010)

Legends & Lore (sadlittles.com 2009)

Mystica Tarot (Braiiinz Publishing 2019)

Nosferatu (RFF Image Designs 2021)

Star Wars Battle Plans (Topps 2021)

Star Wars Masterwork 2019 (Topps 2019)

Treasure Chests & Booty 2 (Bad Axe Studios 2020)

Toy Box: Action Figures (Dino Damage Studios, 2022)

Zenescope Legacy (5finity 2019)

Zombies vs Cheerleaders (5finity 2010)

Zombies vs Cheerleaders Issue #1 (5finity 2010)

Zombies vs Cheerleaders Geektacular Issue #1 (5finity 2010)

70 Years of Marvel Comics (UD, 2010)

Ant-Man (UD, 2015)

Art of Sketch Cards Volume 2 (Ingrid Hardy, 2021)

Avengers Age of Ultron (UD, 2015)

Captain America 75th Anniversary (UD, 2016)

Dreamers of Darkness (sadlittles.com, 2010)

Garbage Chute Droids Series 1 (___, 2020)

Halloween Annual 2021 (RRParks Cards, 2021)

Island Dreams: Dark Side of the Island (Island Dreams, 2015)

Island Dreams: Let the Good Times Roll (Again!) (Island Dreams, 2017)

Island Dreams: The Girls of the Island (Island Dreams, 2016)

Island Dreams 3 (Island Dreams, 2013)

Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson (Unstoppable Cards, 2016)

Maidens (sadlittles, 2012)

Manos, The Hands of Fate (RRParks Cards, 2020)

Mars Attacks Heritage (Topps, 2012)

Marvel 3D (UD, 2015)

Marvel Annual 2018-19 (UD, 2018-19)

Marvel Flair 2019 (UD, 2019)

My Favorite Martian (Unstoppable Cards, 2015)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (RRParks, 2017/18)

Psycho Ape (RRParks Cards, 2019)

Science Fiction: From the Cosmos (Artists Unite, 2021)

Star Wars Black & White: A new Hope (Topps, 2018)

Star Wars Evolution (Topps, 2016)

Star Wars Fan Days 2008 (Topps, 2008)

Star Wars Galactic Files 2 (Topps, 2013)

Star Wars Galaxy 5 (Topps, 2009)

Star Wars Galaxy 7 (Topps, 2009)

Star Wars Illustrated: Empire Strikes Back (Topps, 2015)

Star Wars: Journey to The Force Awakens (Topps, 2015)

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Topps, 2005)

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Widevision 3D (Topps, 2015)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Topps, 2015)

UFO (Unstoppable Cards, 2016)

Voltron Series 2 (?, ?)

Warlord of Mars (_____, 2012)

Women of Marvel (Rittenhouse, 2007)

The X-Files (_____, 2013)