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  Below are some scans of cards I have available from other products or families. Mouse over the images to see a larger scan.


   Personal Sketch Cards   

   Archie (March of Dimes)   

   Britannia (Unpleasant Dreams Cards, 2013)   

   Cherry (5finity 5finikits 2015)   

   Dreamers of Darkness (sadlittles.com 2010)   

   Damsels & Dinosaurs (sadlittles.com 2010)   

   Essence of Fairyland (sadlittles.com 2010)   

   Female Persuasion (5finity 2010)   

   Greatest American Hero (March of Dimes 2009)   

   Indiana Jones Heritage (Topps 2008)   

   Indiana Jones Masterpieces (Topps 2008)   

   Legends and Lore (sadlittles.com 2009)   

   Lord of the Rings: Evolution (Topps)   

   Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces II (Topps)   

   Mandy (5finity 2009)   

   Mixtape (5finity 2010)   

   The Munsters (Rittenhouse 2004)   

   The Pro (5finity 2010)   

   Pulp Girls (5finity 2010)   

   P'ups & Pups (5finity 2010)   

   Rantz Angels (sadlittles.com 2010)   

   Sheena (5finity 2010)   

   Terminator Salvation (Topps 2009)     

   Zombies vs Cheerleaders (5finity 2010)   

   Zombies vs Cheerleaders Issue #1 (5finity 2010)   

   Zombies vs Cheerleaders Geektacular Issue #1 (5finity 2010)   

   Zombies vs Cheerleaders Geektacular Issue #1 Wave 2 (5finity 2010)   

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