Firestar cards

I collected sketchcards for several years, and one of the characters I focused on was Firestar from the Marvel world. I loved the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon from when I was a kid, and hey, who doesn't love a red-head? After pumping the brakes on sketchcards, I started picking up non-sport cards of the Firestar as well. As usually happens with me, I started collecting sketchcards again. Below are scans of those Firestar cards I have picked up along the way, along with a third tab indicating the Firestar cards I am still looking for.

Personal sketch cards

Black Panther (UD 2018)

Complete Avengers (Rittenhouse 2006)

Marvel 3D (UD 2015)

Marvel 70th Anniversary (Rittenhouse 2010)

Marvel 75th Anniversary (Rittenhouse 2014)

Marvel Ages (UD 2020)

Marvel Anime (UD 2020)

Marvel Annual 2016 (UD 2016)

Marvel Annual 2019-20 (UD 2020)

Marvel Beginnings Series 2 (UD 2012)

Marvel Bronze Age (Rittenhouse 2011)

Marvel Dangerous Divas (Rittenhouse 2011)

Marvel Dangerous Divas 2 (Rittenhouse 2014)

Marvel Greatest Heroes (Rittenhouse 2012)

Marvel Heroes & Villains (Rittenhouse 2010)

Marvel Masterpieces II (UD 2008)

Marvel Masterpieces III (UD 2008)

Marvel Masterpieces 2020 (UD 2020)

Marvel Metal Universe Spider-Man (UD 2022--maybe?)

Marvel Premier 2014 (UD 2014)

Marvel Premier 2019 (UD 2019)

Marvel Premier 2021 (UD 2022--maybe?)

Spider-Man Archives (Rittenhouse 2009)

UD Allure (UD 2022?)

Women of Marvel (Rittenhouse 2008)

Women of Marvel 2 (Rittenhouse 2013)

X-Men Archives (Rittenhouse 2009)

X-Men Metal Universe (UD 2021)

Below is a list of cards I am looking for. There are always cards I do not know about, so this is in no way 100% complete. There are foreign issues or CCG cards that don't list character names out there floating around that I'm sure I am missing. As always, if you have something not in the gallery or the need list, I'm interested! Also, though explicitly listed, I am interested in printing plates, as well. Note that any cards in orange are pending (usually they are sitting on my COMC account just waiting a shipment).


Marvel Comics Annuals (Marvel) #5 (The Hero Killers)
Spider-Man II: 30th Anniversary (Comic Images) #86 (New Warriors)


Marvel Overpower - Monumental (Fleer) #LQ (New Warriors)


Marvel Vs - Web of Spider-Man (UD) #MSM-039 Foil (Hot Stuff)


Marvel Vs - Heralds of Galactus (UD) #MHG-040 (The Herald Ordeal: Team-Up, Silver Surfer/Firestar)


Marvel Hero Attax Series 2: Avengers (UD) #70
Marvel Greatest Heroes (Rittenhouse) Holo-foil Lettering #30


Women of Marvel Series 2 (Rittenhouse) #70
Women of Marvel Series 2 (Rittenhouse) Ruby #70 (/50, Archive box only)
Women of Marvel Series 2 (Rittenhouse) Diamond #70 (/10)


Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man (NECA) #117 (Amazing Friend)


X-Men Metal Universe (UD) #28
X-Men Metal Universe (UD) Black #128 (ePack)
X-Men Metal Universe (UD) Purple FX #28 (1/1)
X-Men Metal Universe (UD) Purple FX #128 (1/1)
X-Men Metal Universe (UD) Precious Metal Gems Green #128 (/10)
X-Men Metal Universe (UD) 1995 Marvel Buybacks #63 (/10)