Billy Dee Williams collection

I have no idea why I gravitated toward Lando Calrissian, but he was the coolest in Empire Strikes Back. I even dressed as him for Halloween one year (the previous year it was Marilyn Manson, so what a follow-up!). When I started collecting non-sports cards, I guess it was at the right time where I picked up a few Lando cards, and over time the collection grew from there. Clearly the majority of my Billy Dee cards comes from Star Wars sets, but things are spread out across a lot of different releases. In early 2019 I decided to just focus on Billy Dee autos with the rare exception (plates, for example). The gallery of "keeper" cards is below.

Update: As of 2023 my collection is in limbo. I am about done with collecting cards. Sketch cards from this page have already been moved over to the Star Wars page

Personal sketch cards

Star Wars Galaxy 5 (Topps 2010)

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (Topps 2019)