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Comic "zooms"

  I decided to grab a few color guides lately. Color guides are copies of original artwork where the colorists, well, color the pages. Many times they include printing or color codes that were then passed on to the printers. To truly appreciate these you need a large scan. Of course, large sizes are somewhat overkill on a web page, so I decided to mess around with Magic Magnify to show off some of the details.


Mutant X #72, page 34


Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #13, page 4


Uncanny X-Men #287, page 4


Uncanny X-Men #287, page 7


Wolverine #113, page 18


Wolverine #116, page 15


Wolverine #116, page 17


X-Men #58, page 4


X-Men Unlimited #7, page 49

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