2021 Marvel Premier (UD 2023) artist signature page

Wondering whose sketchcard you pulled from 2021/23 Premier? Some artists are easy to tell, other artists' scribbles are not so obvious. Some have an artistic flourish of sorts on the front. When found, those are below as well. A couple of brief notes:

Artist name Back Front Notes
Aaron Roberts    
Abdul Ghofur *not on CC checklist; possible aftermarket AP sold by arashi_f27 who has historically sold many APs (some suspected aftermarkets)
Adam Fields ,    
Adrien "Alrik" Spada     *not on CC checklist; all cards were rejected but UD allowed him to keep APs
Aires Melo ,    
Ajhay Cerezo    
Al Milgrom      
Al Stefano    
Alcione Silva  
Alex Iniguez      
Allen Geneta ,    
Altair Messias    
Andre Toma    
Andrei Ausch    
Andy Carreon    
Andy Sparke      
Angelika Rasmus      
Anthony Helmer *card not signed   *not on CC checklist; saw a couple APs which were possible aftermarkets sold by rockysara88 who has sold questionable items in the past
Anthony Tan      
Arley Tucker    
Arran Matthews    
Ash Gonzales      
Bob Petrecca  
Brad Hudson    
Brad Voth *not on CC checklist; card was on COMC before the set released, so it's possible COMC did not verify the artist was official; will verify when ePack comes out
Brian Clegg      
Brian Soriano      
Brian Woodward      
Caio Majado    
Can Baran ,    
Carlos Eduardo Cunha  
Cezar Razek    
Chinh Potter      
Chris Botterill    
Chris Foreman  
Chris McJunkin      
Chris Willdig , , ,  
Clay Rodery      
Cruddie Torian ,    
Dan Viloria    
Daniel Chavez      
Danny Kidwell      
Dave Lynch    
David Hindelang  
David Palumbo  
Denis Medri  
Dominic Bustamante      
Dominic Racho  
Don Mark Noceda    
Dylan Riley      
Ed Bilas  
Edde Wagner    
Eduardo Garcia    
Emrah Cildir    
Eric Lehtonen      
Eric Shanower    
Ernest Romero    
Erwin Ropa    
Eugene Commodore  
Fabian Quintero   *not on CC checklist; possible aftermarket panel sold by shosta1983 in July 2023 months before release
Fabiano Ambu *not all signed on reverse ,  
Felix Morales    
Fred Ian ,    
Gary Shipman      
Gene Guilmette  
Geoffrey Gwin  
GetAtom (Adam Harris)    
Giovanni Ricco    
Glebe Twins      
Gorkem Demir    
Hector Barros    
Ian Mansfield    
Ian Quirante    
Ingrid Hardy      
Ivan Rodriguez    
Jader Correa      
Jarod Vickery    
Jason Christner    
Jason Crosby    
Jason Saldajeno (Saldajeno Studio)  
Jean Sinclair    
Jed Thomas  
Jeff Harvey      
Jeff Mallinson    
Jeffrey Benitez    
Jezreel Rojales    
Jim Dickson      
Jim Faustino    
JJ Dzialowski  
Joe Rubinstein  
John Watkins-Chow , ,  
Jomar Bulda    
Jonathan Levesque    
Jose Carlos Sanchez  
Kate Carleton (Kate Dykstra)      
Keith Akers ,    
Ken Racho    
Kenny Calderon ,  
kurobhie ,  
Kursat Cetiner    
Leon Braojos ,    
Luke Petrecca      
Luke Welch    
Lydi Li Tubillara    
Mai Irving    
Marcia Dye    
Marco Carrillo    
Mark Tannacore      
Marlo L. Martos ,    
Marlon Fernandes    
Mason Easley *was on CC, but only one found so far was an AP sold by rockysara88, a questionable seller
Matt Stewart    
Mauro Fodra      
Melike Acar    
Mick Trimble   *not on CC checklist; is a possible aftermarket sold by peppermint_gems who has sold questionable items in the past
Mike Maydak    
Mitch Ballard *typically does not sign reverse
Mohammad Jilani      
Myles Wohl  
Namli Romo    
Nguyen Dong      
Noah Salonga    
Noval Hernawan ,    
Pablo Marcos    
Patricio Carrasco    
Paul Hill      
Peejay Catacutan  
Percival Kholoma   *not on CC checklist; saw a possible aftermarket sold by rockysara88 who has sold questionable items in the past
Phillip Sevy    
Rae Klock      
Ray Racho   *not on CC checklist; has a history of aftermarkets
Rene Cordova    
Rhiannon Owens      
Rich Hennemann    
Rich Molinelli    
Rich Pellegrino      
Rob Broussard    
Roberto Duque    
Rodney Ramos      
Ryan Finley    
Salvador Velazquez    
Sanna U. ,   *was on CC, but only one found so far was an AP sold by blakecardscn, a questionable seller; a 4-panel was found sold by toyskeng and marketed as AP, though it is not
Scott James    
Sherwin Santiago  
Silvana Bossa      
Simone Bianchi ,    
Sugiarto Aliputra    
Thiago Vale    
Tim Shinn ,    
Timothy Geathers    
Tolunay Keskin    
Tony Perna ,  
Veronica O'Connell *identifies characters on reverse of non-singles
Vicente Moavero    
Viskratos (Oliver Castaneda)  
Yinshan   *not on CC checklist