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Women of Marvel (Rittenhouse 2008)

  One of my favorite sets from Rittenhouse, it was limited to 9,000 boxes. Great looking base set, and while the Swimsuit cards left a little to be desired, the Embrace cards look great!

Embossed (1:12 packs)
T1 Black Cat
T2 Black Widow
T3 Elektra

T7 Shanna
T8 She-Hulk
T9 Spider Woman
T10 Ms. Marvel vs. Spider-Woman (Rittenhouse Rewards bonus)
Embrace (1:24 packs)
E1 Rogue and Gambit
E2 Captain America and Scarlet Witch
E3 Colossus and Shadowcat
E4 Daredevil and Elektra

E6 Phoenix and Wolverine

E8 Wolverine and Rogue
E9 Bishop and Aliyah
Swimsuit (1:6 packs)
S5 Emma Frost
S6 Jean Grey
S7 Mary Jane Watson-Parker
S8 Namorita
S9 Phoenix
S14 She Hulk
S15 Silver Sable
S16 Spider-Woman
S17 Storm
S18 Wasp
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