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Spider-Man Archives (Rittenhouse 2009)

  The first set ever where I bought a full case, it was a blast to open and was limited to 8,500 boxes. Good looking base set, and while the only "original" and new art was in the canvas cards, the inserts were pretty good overall. There was also a Foil parallel set inserted at approximately 1:3 packs, but they're difficult to scan.

Swinging Into Action Embossed (1:24 packs)

Allies Canvas (1:8 packs)

Rogue's Gallery Lenticular (1:12 packs)

Case-Topper Cards

Promo Cards

P3 (Binder exclusive)
CP1 (convention promo)
CP2 (Fan Expo 2009)
SD09 (San Diego Comic Con)
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