Kate Glasheen sketch cards

After breaking from sketchcards since 2015 or 2016, I came across Kate Glasheen's Instagram account @KatieCrimeSpree. She was doing some fantastic (and gruesome?) inked works of skeletons. I remembered having some sketchcards, and looked into what I had. I don't know what to call her style, but the ink work on her sketchcards are wandering yet perfect. When she watercolors, it is just the right amount. That said, I began looking for whatever sketchcards of hers I could find. Below are the ones I have picked up thus far.

Personal sketch cards (PSCs)

Indiana Jones Masterpieces (Topps 2008)

Star Wars Galaxy 5 (Topps 2010)

Star Wars Galaxy 6 (Topps 2011)

Star Wars Galactic Files Series 2 (Topps 2013)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Topps 2008)

Terminator Salvation (Topps 2009)