Elfie Lebouleux sketch cards

After breaking from sketchcards since 2015 or 2016, I came across Elfie Lebouleux's cards. I was familiar with her work somewhat, but grew to enjoy them more. That said, I began looking for whatever sketchcards of hers I could find. Below are the ones I have picked up thus far. She has an Instagram account, a YouTube channel, and she is very charming. You should check her out!

7 Deadly Scenes (2021 Braiiinz Publishing)

Carwash Craziness: Nude Edition (5finity 2019)

Cherry & Friends: Ellie Dee (5finity 20__)

Dungeon Dolls (Bad Axe Studios 2011)

Lady Death: Goddess (2019 5finity)

Lady Death: Goddess Gold (2020 5finity)

Mystica Tarot (Braiiinz Publishing 2020)

Succubus Sweethearts (5finity 2020)

Treasure Chests and Booty 2 (Bad Axe Studios 2020)

Women of the Wasteland (Bad Axe Studios 2018)