Mark Bloodworth sketchcards

I took a several-year break from sketchcards. As I started dipping my toe back in the water in early 2020, I noticed the work of an artist named Mark Bloodworth. I really liked his style and started seeking out sketch cards of his. The more I looked, the more I realized he only did a handful of cards for any given set, so they are pretty rare (and expensive). To make things more difficult, he tends to work for small-press card companies like 5finity, and their online presence is pretty much nothing. Checklists are sometimes inaccurate, and artists sometimes got cards unofficially. What few cards I have been able to come across and obtain are on the first tab. The other tab has artwork purchased directly from Bloodworth. You can see he has a particular style, and I really dig it.

5finity Creator's Line (5finity 2011)

5finity Platinum (5finity 2018)

Babes of the Dead (5finity 2014)

Betty Page - Set 2 (Versicolor 2013)

Cherry Series 2 (5finity 2013)

Classic Hollywood Starlets (5finity 2018)

Feline Persuasion (5finity 2018)

Grimm Fairy Tales (5finity 2015)

Mandy Down Under (5finity 2018)

Monster Girls Remarkable (5finity 2020)

P'ups and Pin-ups Series 2 (5finity 2017)

Re-Markable (5finity 2019)

Women of Dynamite (Breygent 2014)

Workshop Babes (5finity 2017)