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Roswell: Season 1 (Inkworks 2000)

  This set certainly isn't the most difficult to complete, but it holds a certain sentimentality since it was the first non-sport set I worked on many years ago. Some of the cards are difficult to scan, especially the Orb cards!

Aliens Among Us Foil Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)
A1 Liz's Journal
A2 The Wisdom of Max
A3 Isabel's Fearful Questions
A4 Babbling With Maria
A5 The World According to Michael
A6 Kyle in Denial
A7 In Alex's Dreams
A8 The Sheriff's Report
A9 Topolsky's Warning
Not Of This Earth (1:17 packs)
N1 What Lies Beneath
N2 Listening to a CD
N3 Nasedo Transforming
N4 Emerging From His Pod
N5 Attacked By an Alien
N6 Michael Uses His Powers
Autograph Cards (1:108 packs)
A1 Jonathan Frakes as Jonathan Frakes
A2 Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker (via redemption)
A3 Colin Hanks as Alex Whitman (via redemption)
A4 Nick Wechsler as Kyle Valenti (via redemption)
A5 William Sadler as Sheriff Jim Valenti (via redemption)
A6 Julie Benz as FBI Agent Kathleen Topolsky
Alien Orb (Die-Cut Foil) Cards (1:72 Packs)
Promo Cards
PR-1 (General)
PR-2 (Non-Sport Update)
PR-3 (CardsInc. exclusive)
PR-i (inkworks.com exclusive)
RL-1 (Season 2 promo)
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