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Lost: Revelations (Inkworks 2006)

  Revelations came out after Season 2's set and was, in my opinion, a little watered down. There were only seven Pieceworks cards, and there was this whole confusing thing where Dustin Watchman (who played Scott--or was is Steve?) signed cards and hand-numbered them as out of 100, 300, and 500. Personally I counted my set as complete having just one of them though I was able to add the others as well when Inkworks prices dropped.

Inside the Island Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

Black and White Cards (1:17 packs)

Autograph Cards (1:36 packs)

Pieceworks Cards (1:36 packs)

  Dealer Incentive Dual Pieceworks Cards (1 item for 3 cases)
Mission: Survival Box Loaders
Countdown Case Loader
Promo Cards

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