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Lost Archives (Rittenhouse 2010)

  This was the second Lost release from Rittenhouse after they secured the license. Though some of the big names were still absent from the auto list, there were some new ones out there for us to chase. And a huge pet peeve of mine was present in a subset--manufactured patches. Unfortunately they were going for $40-$50 when first released. Also of note is the 6-case incentive. It is a Cheech Marin auto which oddly enough used to be present on early versions of the auto list for the Season 1-5 release...

ArtiFex Expansion cards (1:12 packs)
A27 Ilana Verdansky
A28 Frank Lapidus
A29 Bernard Nadler
A30 Rose Nadler
A31 Jacob
A32 Penny Widmore
A33 Dogen
A34 Lennon
A35 Ethan Rom
A36 Man in Black (Rittenhouse Rewards)
Costume Relics (1:96 packs)
nno Jack Shepherd
nno Kate Austin
nno John Locke
nno James "Sawyer" Ford
nno Ben Linus
nno Hurley Reyes
Dharma Patch cards (1:144 packs)
DP1 Jack Shepherd
DP2 James "Sawyer" Ford
DP3 Kate Austin
DP4 Hurley Reyes
DP5 Juliet Burke
DP6 Miles Straume
DP7 Desmond Hume
DP8 Jin Kwon
DP9 Daniel Faraday
Autograph Cards (1:6 packs)
nno Andrea Gabriel as Nadia
nno L. Scott Caldwell as Rose Nadler
nno Francois Chau as Dr. Pierre Chang
nno Sam Anderson as Bernard Nadler
nno Tania Raymonde as Alex Rousseau
nno Navid Negahban as Omar
nno Blake Bashoff as Karl
nno Sally Strecker as Lucy
nno Marc Vann as Doctor on Freighter
nno Bruce Davison as Dr. Brooks
nno James Horan as Wayne
nno Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as Lindsey
nno Bai Ling as Achara
nno Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana
nno Ian Somerhalder as Boone Carlyle
nno Sterling Beaumon as Young Ben Linus
nno Swoosie Kurtz as Emily Annabeth Locke
nno Neil Hopkins as Liam Pace
nno Daniel Roebuck as Leslie Arzt
nno Andrew Divoff as Mikhail
nno George Kee Cheung as Chinese Ambassador
nno Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
nno Daniel Dae Kim as Jin Kwon
nno Yunjin Kim as Sun-Hwa Kwon
nno Cynthia Watros as Libby
nno Michael Emerson as Benjamin Linus
nno Ken Leung as Miles Straume
nno Kim Dickens as Cassidy Phillips
nno Jon Gries as Roger Linus
nno John Terry as Dr. Christian Shephard
nno Malcolm David Kelley as Walt Lloyd
nno M.C. Gainey as Tom
nno Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond
nno Beth Broderick as Diane Jansen
nno Harold Perrineau as Michael
nno Wayne Pygram as Isaac
nno Fredric Lehne as Marshal Edward Mars
nno Brett Cullen as Goodwin
nno Grant Bowler as Captain Gault
nno William Mapother as Ethan Rom
nno Sonya Walger as Penny Widmore
Case Incentives
nno Case Topper costume - Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah
nno 3-Case Incentive - Banyan Tree Relic (x/250)
nno 6-Case Incentive Auto - Cheech Marin as David Reyes
Promo Cards
CP1 Binder Exclusive
P1 General Distribution
P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine
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