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2017 Topps Star Wars Masterwork Cel cards

  I usually hate the year-after-year releases of the Star Wars sets that Topps puts out. Too much repetition, too many parallels, my general disdain for the patch and medallion cards, and so on. However, in 2017's Masterwork release they included production-used animation cels. I picked up several. I noticed that some were much higher in price, and only after amassing a couple dozen I found out that the more desirable ones were from the Droids tv series. Regardless, I still like the idea of the cel cards, though you can get a full cel (as opposed to one cut up and inserted into a card) for the average price of what I paid for any of these. Oh well. I collect cards, what can I say?


Droids (horizontal cards, EAD-H)

Ewoks (horizontal cards, EAC-H)

Ewoks (vertical cards, EAC-V)

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