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Batman Archives (Rittenhouse 2008)

  This is probably one of the more boring sets I have ever opened. I like the Lenticulars and the Dark Victory, but the base set was terrible. It had covers of "milestone" issues. The reverse simply had the cover again (well, part of it) and the issue number and pub date. No wonder the set didn't do so well.

Retro 1948 Gum cards (1:8 packs)
BG1 Batman
BG2 Robin
BG3 The Bat-Signal
BG4 Crime Fighting Costumes
BG5 The Batmobile
BG6 The Joker
BG7 The Penguin
BG8 Two-Face
BG9 Batman, Robin, and Alfred
Dark Victory (1:12 packs)
DV1 The Riddler
DV2 Scarecrow
DV3 Catwoman
DV4 Penguin
DV5 Batman
DV6 Joker
DV7 Mr. Freeze
DV8 Poison Ivy
DV9 Two-Face
Lenticular Cards (1:24 packs)
L1 Batman
L2 Robin
L3 Catwoman
L4 Joker
L5 Riddler
L6 Two-Face
L7 Ra's al Ghul
L8 Scarecrow
L9 Killer Croc
Case-Topper Autograph Card
nno Jerry Robinson
Promo Cards
P3 (Binder exclusive)
CP1 (convention promo)
SD08 (San Diego Comic Con)
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